Glazing Applications


Accoya is a modified solid wood that out-performs even the most durable tropical hardwoods. Outstanding in terms of both sustainability and stability, it is an ideal wood for any exterior project. 

What is Accoya Wood?  

Accoya is produced from fast-growing, sustainably managed Pinus radiata trees, which can be harvested after about 30 years of growth. A modification process known as acetylation penetrates into the core of the wood to create a product that is highly stable, resistant to rot, ecologically responsible and uniquely durable. The treatment gives this softwood variety all the desirable characteristics of a hardwood with none of the disadvantages. No toxic substances are required for the modification process, and the natural beauty of the wood is retained. All this combines to make Accoya the leading modified wood available anywhere today. 

Accoya: The Sustainable Timber Choice 

After modification, Accoya has a Class 1 durability rating and is 100% rot resistant. It is also fully resistant to damage by insects and fungi and unaffected by extreme weather conditions and UV radiation. Throughout its lifespan it remains free of shrinkage, swelling and distortion. In combination with exceptional dimensional stability, the increased durability of this superior wood makes it an outstanding choice for decking and exterior cladding. 

Due to its durability, Accoya timber has a long life expectancy which contributes to projects looking to ‘reuse’ materials, lending itself to a sustainable building practice.  

Because it is produced sustainably, Accoya has a small CO2 footprint and therefore contributes to a circular, biobased economy. And because there are no toxic components present in the wood, it is also fully reusable and recyclable. In other words, Accoya is an entirely sustainable product. Even better, it requires little to no maintenance.  

Accoya is FSC® certified and has a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years above ground and 25 years in the ground and/or in contact with fresh water. 

What are the advantages of Accoya?  

Accoya has many advantages that make is suitable for use on a wide variety of architectural and building projects. Some of these include:  

  • Durability class I 
  • 100% solid wood 
  • 100% sustainable, environmentally friendly 
  • High dimensional stability 
  • Excellent shape retention 
  • Free of knots and flaws 
  • 100% rot resistant 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Beautiful natural weathering 
  • Easy to use 
  • Fully recyclable 

What finishes are available for Accoya?  

While Accoya is beautiful in its natural state, it is also suitable for a wide range of finishes. Opaque or transparent oils, charring and brushing are three of the finishes that we can apply to Accoya. But you can also leave our Accoya decking boards and Accoya cladding unfinished and allow them to develop a gorgeous, naturally weathered appearance.