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Larch Wood

Larch wood

Larch – The long lasting all purpose pine.  

Larch wood is a well known species of pine which is renowned for its exceptional building purposes.  

What is Larch Wood? 

Since the seventeenth century, larch, a timber species native to Bavaria, the Carpathians, and the Swiss Alps, has been steadily introducing itself throughout Europe.  

The Larch is the heaviest and toughest of the European coniferous woods, growing best in hilly areas with severe cold winters. It is tall and straight, reaching up to 45m in suitable conditions. Despite being a conifer, Larch sheds its needles in the autumn. 

Larch wood durability 

Larch grows across most continents of the world, primarily in Europe and America. Larch pine is favored for its natural durability and decay resistance which makes it ideal for projects facing harsh weather conditions. Once treated the timber is said to last up to 20 years, this paired with it waterproof nature makes it a great long lasting investment. 

Why should you use Larch in your project?  

Larch can be favorable for a timber themed project due to its natural light brown appearance which pairs well with ultra clear glazing. Many timber projects favor lighter colours to ensure that their project can feature brighter interior design to create a strong contrast.  

This timber variation is similar in dryness to Douglas Fir but some may favor Larch due to its smoother and calmer grain pattern. Larch’s strength has made it a perfect choice for other timber appliances such as indoor and outdoor furniture. Pairing larch frames with larch furniture could present the perfect PassiveHaus project.  


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