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Walnut in architecture

Walnut in architecture

Walnut timber is a solid dense wood known for its aesthetically pleasing appearance, and its suitability for framing elements, cabinetry and constructionWalnut timber in architecture is often used since it is a highly resilient timber, resistant to warping and decay, and beautiful in appearance. 

Is Walnut a sustainable timber? 

Walnut wood is considered to be a sustainable timber since it’s a natural carbon sequestrator and can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its growth which is stored in the wood as it matures.  

Like all timber, the measurement of its sustainability lies in the responsible sourcing and harvesting of the wood. Organisations such as FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) act as custodians of the forests and act as a mark of assurance, certifying businesses so that the transparent supply chain includes ethical businesses that actively support responsible forestry. 

 The appearance of Walnut timber 

Walnut timber is well known for its dark rich and elegant appearance with a defining feature being the rich warm chocolate brown colour with subtle wavy grains. The graining pattern of the European walnut wood has irregular burrs and knots Walnut wood adding to its appeal. Walnut timber has a smooth and moderately coarse texture. When finely finished, it takes on a silky and polished feel, which enhances its luxurious appearance. 

The use of Walnut timber in construction  

Walnut timber is hard, heavy and resilient, but significantly more expensive than Oak or Pine. Therefore, it is a popular choice in high-end construction projects and is more commonly used in smaller applications as a decorative interior wood element rather than a primary structural material. 

Applications such as internal timber lourves, wood panelling for walls and hardwood polished walnut timber floors can be used to show off the qualities of this exceptional wood.  


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