Avino S-Timber Sliding Door

The ultra slim wooden sliding door from Avino

Unparalleled beauty and elegance form the basis of the Avino S-Timber sliding door. The timber sliding door offers the slimmest sightlines with just 5cm of frame around the wooden sliding door leaf.  

The timber slider can be integrated into a frameless glass façade, a matching framed glass elevation as well as bi-parting options. Using such a slim timber profile allows for the glass to be the focal point of the elevation with a wide range of timber choices for the interior framing.  

Symmetry is at the heart of the S-Timber range and the 5cm minimal profile is uniform around all edges of the sliding door leaf. The material is the focal point of the design, with a seamless interior and exterior frame finish to combine durability and the beauty of natural design to any type of design led project.

Locking is fully integrated into the minimal timber frame with a slim lever handle providing effortless security to the opening. Further levels of security can be integrated into the timber sliding door thanks to the MVS which brings closure sensors into the profiles which can then be integrated into the building’s security system.  

This is not a lift and slide door. The Avino S-Timber Sliding Door is a sliding door system, set on high-quality stainless-steel rails and wheels. The simple sliding action is smooth, allowing the timber sliding doors to glide open at a touch.  

Flush thresholds are essential to modern living and the Avino S-Timber Sliding Door matches that desire perfectly. The internal and external floor finishes flow freely across the base frame of the wooden sliding door. No level changes or dips in the floor are visible, allowing the easy movement across the sliding door threshold for all users.  

Take functionality further with integrated fly screens or venetian blinds that blend perfectly into the timber framing of the Avino S-Timber sliding door.  

The true beauty of the Avino S-Timber sliding door is the range of materials possible.  

Choose from one of our curated interior timber finishes or let our Atelier Studio select a finish which will perfectly match your interior design.  

Floors, walls, ceilings and internal details can all be designed to match the framing of the timber sliding door profile.  

Externally, the slim sliding door frames are finished in a range of aluminium profiles to offer the highest levels of durability and performance throughout the sliding door’s lifetime. These exterior finishes are possible to select from a range of PPC or anodised finishes to suit your project’s exterior design.


Internal Finishes

The internal face of the Avino-S Timber Sliding Door can be chosen from a range of timber, metal or bespoke finishes. Our catalogue details the curated options possible with even more finishes available on request. Our Atelier Studio can select bespoke finishes for you to match the interior design of a room. That allows all interior finishes from ceilings, walls, floors and furniture to match the internal frames of the sliding doors.

External Finishes

Externally, the slim sliding door is finishes with classical and minimal detailing. The outer frame is capped with aluminium profiles that are crafted to the exact requirements of the project. The finish of these outer frames can be chosen for each project from a range of RAL PPC finishes or unique anodised surfaces. 

Maximum Sizes

Each sliding glass panel of the Avino S-Timber Sliding Door can be up to 500kg with a maximum height of 3.2m. Frameless fixed panes can be unlimited in size when combined with the Avino/Invisio structural glass solution.

Handle Options

The lever handle of the Avino S-Timber Sliding Door has been perfectly crafted to sit on the 5cm face of the sliding door leaf. The handle activates the stainless-steel locking mechanism within the frame, locking the sliding door into the building and structure in one easy movement. The handle is available with a square or oval rosette and is possible in black, silver or textured grey.


This timber sliding door has been designed with the highest quality materials and engineering practices to create a beautiful door system that works for its application. The system is fully tested for air permeability, water resistance, wind resistance, acoustic performance as well as thermal insulation.  

Passivhause Sliding Door

For projects being designed to passivhaus principles, the Avino S-Timber sliding door is a slimline alternative to the chunky lift and slide passivhaus doors you see elsewhere. With only 5cm of frame, the sliding doors are minimal and beautifully crafted from bespoke materials. And with Class 4 air permeability and Uw values of 0.68 W/m2K the wooden sliding door can be integrated into passivahaus projects to achieve all performance goals.

Sliding – Not Lift and Slide

Many timber and passivhaus standard sliding doors you will see are lift and slide mechanisms. These alternative timber sliders need the function of the lift and slide to provide the weather and air tightness required. The Avino S-Timber sliding door is not a lift and slide door. Thanks to its enhances insulation and engineering, the wooden sliding door is able to achieve the highest performance with a smooth sliding action. No heavy lifting action to open the door, no large cumbersome handles.  

Matching Windows and Doors

The Avino S-Timber range includes this minimal timber sliding door as well as typical opening windows and doors, all with the same 5cm framework.