Bamboo Battening

Bamboo Battens for Ceiling and Wall Cladding

Bamboo battens can be used to create shading, screening, fencing and cladding. The highly sustainable material is used by designers and specifiers all over the world to bring a natural finish to interior projects.  

Available for use on ceilings, walls and exteriors, bamboo battens are a bespoke timber cladding solution that combines the beauty of timber with carbon neutral cladding material.  

Offering superior strength, bamboo battens offer a range of design options. Due to the weight to strength ratio, bamboo battening can form intricate patterns and designs to suit the most detail orientated of schemes.  

Design options for bamboo battening are varied. From smooth edges to rougher edged panels and slats, aesthetic variation and design are almost unlimited with the use of bamboo for cladding. Options to have the edge of the bamboo exposed can be popular, showing the composition of the bamboo slats.  

The slats of bamboo can be applied in a variety of ways to ensure harmony with the rest of the interior design. The bamboo battens can be applied vertically, horizontally or at an angle to create a more bespoke design.  

Curved walls in both plan and section are also possible with bamboo battening as well as inclined applications. More complex designs with various curves and concaves are also possible and popular applications for bamboo slats.  

Where a curved and continuous wall to ceiling design is required, bamboo wall cladding can be an excellent option due to its durability, lightweight design and ability to be applied on a curve. 

Bamboo slats and cladding can be used for coverings to interior walls and internal ceilings.  

When using bamboo battening for a ceiling cladding, the timber ceiling finish offers a warm interior design, using natural materials to provide connections to nature throughout the space. Bamboo battening can be used with excellent results for interior ceilings thanks to its lightweight nature and sustainability credentials.  

When paired with bamboo batten floors and wall cladding, the creation of a natural heaven is found, with light colouration.  

Bamboo wall and ceiling cladding can be created via vertical bamboo slats as well as horizontal or more intricate designs. 


Sustainable Cladding

As bamboo grows so fast it is one of the most sustainable building materials available in architecture and construction today. Due to its high strength to weight ratio, you do not need lots of bamboo to create the design and aesthetic required, further championing the material for use in sustainable building projects.  

The use of bamboo can be used for additional credits in LEED and BREEAM assessments.  


Bamboo battens can be used to create a wide variety of timber cladding designs including bamboo ceiling cladding and bamboo interior wall cladding. The bamboo batten can be applied horizontally or vertically to suit the design of the interior. It can also be applied on an inclined surface, on a curve or concave. The lightweight nature of the bamboo slats allows for the creation of fluid shapes quite easily.  

Acoustic Performance

Bamboo battening is a modern approach to internal acoustic comfort. When designed correctly with the suitable fixings, bamboo battening can be used for acoustic dampening on interior spaces.  

A natural material

Every piece of bamboo is different, that’s nature’s guarantee. It should be noted that bamboo is a natural material & variations will occur in colour, texture, grain width & natural features within the same batch of the same bamboo species. In all cases bamboo supplied will contain some variations from job to job & sample to sample.