Glazing Applications

Charred Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Can Be Charred to Offer a Unique and Modern Timber Design

This variety of timber gives very pleasing results when charred.  

The traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique can be applied to douglas fir to create the charred appearance. The charred douglas fir is then sealed to preserve it, with the grain of the wood always remaining visible. This finish adds a pleasant natural touch to the interior.  

How Does the Charring process work?  

In Japan, cypress wood was traditionally charred to help prevent the spread of fire and to protect wood against insects and mould. The ancient technique known as Shou Sugi Ban is still in use today and can be found in both traditional and modern buildings. After renowned Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori began incorporating the charred wood finish in his designs in the late 20th century, it began to show up in Western countries as well. 

How is Douglas Fir Charred?   

The douglas fir wood is ‘burnt’ to create a charred layer that is resistant to the effects of weather. The Shou Sugi Ban technique is can be applied to a range of timber species including douglas fir. This material in particular creates a beautiful, lived-in look while ensuring stability of the timber thanks to the charring process. 

Charring accentuates the particular texture and appearance of the wood variety, making every board unique. And almost any result is possible, from lightly toasted to deep black. You can also brush wood before or after charring. A stabilizing finish preserves the charred layer and has a maintenance-reducing effect. 

Performance of Charred Douglas Fir 

Controlled surface burning improves the durability of the wood and produces an attractive charred finish that is harmonious and stylish. Another important feature of charred wood is that it is flame retardant, since having already been fire-treated it is less likely to ignite. Charred douglas fir is also highly resistant to UV damage. The charred layer retains its colour and develops a beautiful patina over time.