Thermo Bamboo Cladding

Thermo Bamboo for Ultra Sustainable Projects



Technically, bamboo isn’t actually classed as a type of wood. Despite this, bamboo shares qualities of hardwood and it’s a highly sustainable alternative to real hardwoods that are becoming scarce and therefore expensive. With bamboo being the worlds fastest growing plant, it is easy to farm sustainably.

Growing upwards of 1 metre per day, bamboo really is the worlds fastest growing plant. Harvesting typically takes place every 5 years which allows for the plant to harden and develop a natural resistance to the outdoors. Once harvested, the root is left in place to regrow.

Once harvested, the bamboo will be taken away to be sawn into strips and peeled. These strips are then compressed together and heat treated without the use of unnatural chemicals. This hardens that bamboo fiber and makes it fully resistant to mould.


Thermo Bamboo can be used as timber cladding as well as decking, meaning that you can apply Thermo Bamboo across a whole project. With a durability class of 1 and natural mould resistance, Thermo Bamboo is the ideal option for building with longevity in mind.


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Depth - 20mm

Width - 64mm with 11mm intervals 

Length - +1850mm

Fixing - A-clip system

Finishes - Brushed, tinted oil or stained 


Class 1 Durability 

Mould Resistant