Glazing Applications


Sometimes referred to as Nigerian Teak, Iroko is durable, stylish and the ideal wood for interior and especially exterior cladding and battening projects.

What is Iroko wood?

Iroko is a medium heavy to medium hard African wood with yellow to dark brown tints and golden glints that highlight its uniquely interwoven grains. Its robust hardwood is highly regarded for its strength, stability and resistance to decay and is best harvested when the trees reach 50 years of age. This not only ensures the best quality of iroko possible, but it also allows for the preservation of younger generations of trees which will replenish the ecosystem in which the mature ones are harvested.

Iroko: The Ideal Outdoor Timber

With durability Class 1, Iroko is a very strong wood, hardly impregnable, and highly resistant to rot, meaning it does not require any preservative treatments. Still, the sapwood can be extremely fragile, which is why iroko logs are exported without their sapwood. Once in situ, iroko has an untreated lifespan of 15 years, if not more. Thanks to its innate rich resins, iroko wood benefits from a natural protection against pests, fungi or decay related damage. These natural attributes and defenses make iroko the ideal material for external cladding.

What are the advantages of Iroko?

Iroko has many advantages that make the ideal material for to a wide variety of architectural and building projects. Some of these include:  

  • Durability Class 1 
  • Natuiral shrink and warp resistance
  • Natural rot and pest resistance
  • Natural scratch resistance
  • Natural contemporary high finish
  • Beautiful interwoven texture
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Beautiful natural weathering
  • 100% recyclable

What finishes are available for Iroko?

Iroko is beautiful in its natural state, but a range of finishes are available to prevent its characteristic natural weathering. Opaque or transparent oils and brushing are all finishes that can be applied to iroko to prevent that. With that said, iroko decking boards, cladding and battening can also be left unfinished to embrace the beautiful, naturally weathered aesthetic.

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