Timber for New Build Homes

The use of timber in architecture is a growing trend, with more architects and designers looking to maximise on the materiality of timber as well as improving the sustainability of the material.

As well as being a sustainable material to produce, timber windows and doors often lend themselves to the highest performing glazing options, meaning that timber framed systems are best suited for these high specification projects.

Timber is also excellently used for exterior cladding, shading systems and privacy screens on new build homes.

Thanks to the flexible nature of a new build structure, timber can be expertly weaved into the design and structure with minimal effort, making the structure and building feel like it was always there.

Take a look at some of our inspiration projects to see how timber could be utilised one your own new build home and contact the team if you are looking for some expert advice.  


modern timber windows in a modern house shown at night