September 6, 2023

Enamelled Wood: Finishes and Purposes

Written by Fay Mircio

What is Enamelled Wood?

The term ‘Enamelled wood’ describes any wood that has been coated with enamel paint.  

Enamel paint is an oil based or water based glossy finish characterised by its hardness and washability. 

The main difference between the two types of paint is the curing time. While oil based paints take longer to dry, water based ones are generally quicker and easier to apply, and more forgiving if mistakes are made during the application process. 

Usually, with either type of paint, the glossier it looks, the longer it will last, however, thanks to the latest engineered enamel wood paints, semi matte or fully matte finishes can be achieved as well.


Why is wood enamelled and not simply painted? 

While they may provide a coat of colour, simple paints such as acrylics do not provide any protection to timber and are usually more prone to chipping and fading.

The durability of enamel paints makes them the perfect protective layer for indoor timber elements that see a lot of use such as railings, dividers, shutters, and furniture, making them extremely resistant to wear and easier to clean when needed. 

Moreso in outdoor applications, wood is enamelled to better withstand humidity, changing weather conditions, and resist any chipping that may occur with frequent use. 

At Avino, all our ranges feature enamelled wood lacquers for long lasting durability and performance. 


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