October 5, 2023

How to Create Broken Plan Living Spaces with Internal Partition Walls

Written by Fay Mircio

louvre partition wall made from timber separating a dining area from a walkway

What is Broken Plan Living?


From all the way back in the 70s to this day, broken plan living is the constantly evolving contemporary take on traditional open plan layouts, where minimal interior partitions subtly separate areas without cluttering or closing off entire spaces.  

This way, with the right partitions, the usual light and spacious open plan living spaces create dynamic living spaces that can easily adjust to the modern everyday spatial needs. 


Broken Plan Living and Internal Partition Walls


The warmth and organic beauty of interior timber elements such as internal partition walls can seamlessly achieve broken plan living designs that preserve the light filled, easy on the eyes feel of open plan spaces, while also providing a sharper functional focus to different areas within the same living space. 



Louvre Partition Walls 


Interior timber louvred partitioning is an effective way to separate areas with little to no visual cluttering. The very nature of a louvre partition wall preserves a sense of openness and minimalism, allowing light to permeate the structure while still separating areas into the desired zones.  

As interior timber louvres can be installed both within a visible frame or fixed invisibly, this configuration can be suited to any design style or aesthetic requirement. 


curved louvre partition wall around a dining area


Sliding Timber Room Dividers 


Perhaps the most sophisticated option on this list, sliding timber room dividers provide a modern, adjustable solution combined with the timeless beauty of wood. Be they sectioning off living rooms or creating dynamic home offices and bedrooms, sliding timber partition walls offer the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality.



Bamboo Battening 


Interior bamboo slats can effortlessly combine functionality and natural aesthetics, offering a stylish partitioning solution for interior living spaces, all while being one of the most eco-friendly options.  

As the bamboo slats can be applied in vertically, horizontally or at an angle, there are no limits to what bespoke designs can be achieved. 


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