Glass and Timber Extensions

Bespoke Glass and Timber Extension Designs

Timber is the ideal material when it comes to adding a touch of warmth and softness to a glass extension design, preventing it from appearing cold and sterile.

As the texture and grain of timber foster a serene atmosphere, opting for timber beams and supports provides a visually engaging structural element to the interior.

Timber beams and supports are available in a variety of wood types and finishes as well as bespoke shapes and sizes depending on the project. 

When used as a finish and not in a support structure, timber still plays an integral part in achieving a biophilic design. While glass enhances the connection to the outdoors by maximising views and flooding the interiors with light, timber finishes provide a subtle touch of nature from within.

As timber remains the prevalent material in interior design styles such as Hygge, Scandi, Japandi and indoor-outdoor living, glass and timber extensions can both modernise a structure or honour more traditional designs depending on the desired aesthetic.

To ensure a cohesive design throughout, each glass and timber extension is designed entirely bespoke to ensure visual uniformity between frames and building finishes.

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Bespoke Extension Designs

Glass and timber extensions are designed entirely bespoke to allow for the integration of glass panels in a variety of sizes depending on the required specifications.

Timber Supports and Integrations

Glass and timber extensions can be achieved by combining frameless structural glass with interior and exterior timber finishes, or by utilising timber framed fixed glazing along with integrated opening timber framed door systems.

All Avino doors can be included in glass and timber extension configurations.

Glass Options

Avino offers an extensive array of decorative and technical glass solutions of varying shapes and sizes to complement your glass and timber extension design.

When choosing a configuration that combines fixed and moving timber framed elements, it is recommended to match the glazing type of the chosen door systems.