Thermo Oak Cladding

Sustainable Strengthened Oak Timber Cladding

Thermo Oak is a thermally modified oak type which is treated at a high temperature to enhance the durability of this hardwood. The thermally treated process involves no chemicals whatsoever making this advanced hardwood a sustainable solution.  

The heated process removes moisture enabling the wood to retain its shape. The applied heat makes the oak timber appear darker and when subjected to sun and rain.  




Our European Thermo Oak timber cladding is available in a plethora of profile finishes including planed oak, tongue and groove connection and open slat with A-Clip cladding boards.

FSC and PEFC Certification is available on request. 



Thermo Oak does not contain knots leaving an entirely smooth appearance. Available in a range of pre-designed profiles, there’s an option to select either tongue and groove panels or profiles, which can be paired with other Avino timber products. 

Regardless of the profile specified, our thermal oak cladding offers architects and designers a beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly solution for enhancing the aesthetics and performance of buildings. Oak, renowned for its strength, resilience, and timeless appeal, is an excellent choice for cladding due to its natural durability and versatility. 



Thermo Oak Open Slat

Thermo Oak Open Slat has a depth of 20mm, width of 52mm per slat, available in panels 362mm wide. 10mm between each slat. 

Thermo Oak planed tongue and groove connection

Thermo Oak tongue and groove connection has a depth of 20mm, width 132mm (coverage with 123mm), mixed lengths, 35% 900 to 1500mm, 65% 1800mm to 3000mm.

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