Barnwood Cottage

Reclaimed Oak Barn Shutters Enhance Cottage Exterior

Fully immersed in the surrounding countryside, a simple cottage stands as a testament to the timelessness of reclaimed oak barn shutters, sustainability, and thoughtful design.



Seeking to preserve the rustic charm of historic dwellings, the cottage’s homeowners decided to breathe new life into their abode by adorning their windows with meticulously crafted shutters fashioned from reclaimed oak barn boards, thus embracing sustainable design practices while also honouring the surrounding agricultural heritage. 

The weathered, century-old wood brings a touch of history to the cottage, seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural landscape and fostering a sense of authenticity. Moreover, the reclaimed barnwood shutters become an aesthetic focal point while also offering practical benefits, as the sturdy craftsmanship provides enhanced insulation to shield the cottage from the elements and allow the homeowners to effortlessly regulate natural light. 

The decision to use reclaimed oak that bore the weight of two whole centuries added a layer of historical significance to the cottage's exterior revitalization. Salvaged from barns and structures dating back to as early as the 19th century, the aged oak brought character and authenticity to every slat of the shutters. 

The result is a perfect combination of timeless aesthetics and environmental responsibility, as the reclaimed oak shutters not only enhance the cottage's curb appeal but also contribute to the reduction of demand for new timber resources. 

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