Chicheley Hall

A Timber and Glass Roof Surrounds a Listed 18th Century Barn

The former coach house and barn of Chicheley Hall has been repurposed to hold two lecture theatres, featuring a new freestanding glazed enclosure supported by a bespoke timber and glass roof. 

Featured In

RICS Awards 2011, Conservation Award Shortlist 


Burrell Foley Fischer Architects 



Constructed entirely from structural glass, the extension features metal supports designed to resemble arches, contributing to the property's traditional aesthetic while providing support for the glass roof. 

Arranged in a faceted configuration, the floor to ceiling glass façade creates a curvature along the entire extension. This not only ensures the building remains visible but also allows natural light to permeate both the new glazed structure and the original structure. 

In conventional designs with extensive glazing, wood was typically avoided due to its susceptibility to contraction and expansion with temperature changes. However, opting for kiln-dried oak, as opposed to air-dried timber, makes wood a viable and resilient choice to sustain such designs. 

Following a natural seasoning phase, oak undergoes a carefully controlled drying process in a kiln. This method prevents the formation of splits caused by moisture-related impurities, ensuring that the oak beams do not contract or expand with temperature fluctuations.

Additionally, through the reuse of existing building materials and the careful storage of any surplus for future projects, Burrell Foley Fischer Architects have guaranteed the enduring sustainability of both the main house's refurbishment and the timber and glass extension. 

By incorporating new FSC certified oak panelled doors and frames, the quality and durability of the new features align with the timeless craftsmanship of the original early 18th-century building, enhancing the aesthetic continuity between the old and the new. 

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