Groningen Station

In the bustling environment of Groningen Station, where a constant stream of commuters and travellers converge, walls of pine cladding with LED lights serve as a welcome visual respite and an intriguing focal point. 


Rudy Uytenhaak + Partners

Peter van der Knoop Photography

As the warm, earthy tones of pine cladding evoke a sense of tranquillity and stability, a calm atmosphere spreads out through the interiors that see heavy foot traffic, while slim, vertical LED lights dance across the surface, extending the impressive height of the clad walls even further. 

This combination of aesthetics and practicality transforms the mundane into an immersive experience, making the train station not just a transit hub but also a destination where design meets functionality. 

The LED lights, strategically embedded within the wood slats, not only illuminate the space but also contribute to a dynamic visual display, as they form lines across the walls and onto the ceilings, subtly guiding passengers and offering a sense of direction. 

The thermally treated pine, or ThermoPine, not only boasts a distinctive, refined appearance but also provides enhanced durability and resistance to the wear and tear associated with high-traffic areas. This innovative high temperature treatment process strengthens the wood, making it more resilient to changes in temperature, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring the wall maintains its pristine allure even in the face of constant foot traffic and varying climatic conditions. 

Beyond its robust physical properties, thermally treated pine carries environmental benefits, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainable design. The use of this material underscores a commitment to responsible resourcing, contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious public space. 

Furthermore, the thermal treatment imbues the pine with a richer, deeper hue, intensifying its natural beauty and providing a timeless aesthetic that complements both contemporary and classic design sensibilities. The combination of this visually appealing material and the subtle glow of LED lights elevates the train station environment and ambiance. 

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