Oak and Glass Extension to a side return infill

Set on a quiet residential road just on the edge of Highgate Woods, this home dramatically altered its ground floor layout and garden connection with an oak and glass extension.  

The timber glazed extension was a side infill extension, filling the empty and undersued space to the side of the home. A large glass wall was the feature of this extension, using exposed oak battens as the supporting mechanism and connection posts between the glazed panels.   

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The oak and glass extension structure projects from the side of the house, increasing the footprint of the ground floor and kitchen area. Thanks to the large glass elevation, the oak timber extension is full of natural light, enhancing the connections to the garden and outdoor living areas.  

The existing exterior wall was removed, allowing the timber extension to become one space with the existing footprint. The result is a large and flexible open plan space.  

The scheme was carefully designed and thought out by the architects to ensure that the definition of ‘new and old’ was clear but the spaces felt as one. When you step into the new oak and glass extension, you feel as if you are stepping outside whilst simultaneously still being in the kitchen.  

This continuity of space was helped largely by the use of timber in the extension, ensuring the oak battens of the extension were exposed and visible as part of the interior design.  

Other interior surfaces were matched to the oak battens to tie the materiality of the space together.  

Other natural materials within the extension help the space maintain its lightweight and open environment. The oak of the glass extension is paired with natural slate and larch to ensure that the interior space is open, bright and full of light.  

The oak and glass wall overlooks the well-maintained gardens to the side of the property and create a space to sit and relax within the property. As well as a light filled space to circulate, the timber and glass extension area is a brilliant seating area to spend time throughout the day. The natural timber structure is inviting, enhancing warmth and comfort in a space that could otherwise be seen as cold.  

The extension design was created by Gareth Lloyd Reading architects in close conjunction with the owners to create a space closely tied to their lifestyle.  

Timber and the use of oak was a key part of the design, ensuring that timber in architecture is a continuing theme amongst residential design. If you are looking to create your own oak and glass extension, speak to the team at Avino who can assist.