Loch Venachar

Eco House Design in Scotland

This four bedroom home was built on the shores of Loch Venachar in Scotland and strived to achieve passive house principles in performance and design.  

A key part of a passive house design is the performance of its exterior envelope. Avino Primo windows and doors were used throughout this build to ensure the external façade was as thermally efficient as possible as well as airtight.  


Simon Winstanley Architects


Sterling Scotland

The highly insulating timber windows and doors were used to create a high-performance external façade, with exceptional levels of air tightness and insulation. These high specification timber windows and doors were then paired with other eco technologies such as air source heat pumps to provide renewable energy.  

Triple glazing was used as standard throughout the build to maintain a high level of insulation. The Avino timber frames used were specifically designed to work with triple glazing to ensure that the frames were minimal and that they opened effortlessly even with the increased specification of glazing.  

The building is low lying, designed to be sympathetic to its beautiful environment and surrounding views. The two-wing structure allowed a mixture of materials to be used on the exterior and also allowed maximum advantage to the surrounding views could be captured.  

Zinc, cedar and stone materials were combined to provide a robust and enduring presence alongside high performance triple glazed windows which take advantage of the stunning views in the unique landscape setting. 

If you are looking to create your own eco house, contact the team at Avino to discuss your timber windows and doors.