Lodz House

Timber Sliding Doors and Windows Adorn a New Family Home

With a harmonious interplay of rich, textured brickwork and warm, natural timber finishes, a new family home finds its traditional yet timeless charm with timber lift and slide doors and in an indoor-outdoor living design. 



The Avino Primo Lift and Slide Doors, meticulously engineered with aluminium cladding, bespoke interior timber frames and a sophisticated lift and slide mechanism, exemplify a fusion of durability, thermal performance, and aesthetic appeal.  

Serving as more than mere access points, these doors establish an unobtrusive yet pivotal link between the interior and exterior spaces, enhancing the dwelling's spatial dynamics. 

With sleek 100mm sightlines, the lift and slide doors optimise light and minimise obtrusive lines through the ingenious design of their timber framework, all while providing exceptional performance and offering expansive panel sizes. 

Additionally, the Primo Lift and Slide Door's minimal threshold effortlessly blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering a seamless connection between the interiors and the surrounding landscape. 

Complementing the architectural narrative of this modern family home are the strategically positioned Avino Primo Windows, which further enhance the home's spatial harmony and energy performance. Crafted with precision, these windows feature the same aluminum cladding technology as our lift and slide doors, ensuring a seamless visual continuity.

The aluminium clad timber windows contribute to the overall thermal efficiency of the residence, boasting advanced insulation properties that mitigate heat loss and maximize natural light penetration. Beyond their functional prowess, these windows serve as design elements, framing panoramic views and embracing the surrounding environment. 

The synergy between these elements transforms this dwelling into a haven where modernity meets tradition, and each architectural detail contributes to the overall narrative of modern elegance. 

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