Maple Lodge

A Woodland Retreat Enveloped by Bespoke Sliding Timber Shutters

A new one storey woodland home wraps itself in nature through bespoke sliding timber shutters and glass to glass corners, maximising the surrounding views from all living spaces.

Products Used

As floor to ceiling glazing wraps around the entire property, the priority of Maple Lodge’s design was to provide the homeowners with full control over both daylight and heat ingress to ensure their utmost comfort throughout the day, no matter the season. 

To achieve this, bespoke sliding timber shutters were designed and installed to provide a versatile shading solution alongside the sliding glass doors that surround the perimeter, allowing the homeowners to move the louvred panels as needed. 

Using timber as the primary material was essential to seamlessly etch the Maple Lodge in its surrounding landscape. The earthy wood tones perfectly complement the transparency of glass to create a modern biophilic design, effortlessly connecting the lodge to the outdoors, as well as fostering a sense of peace and calm throughout the home. 

As the nearby trees provide a natural layer of privacy, the external sliding timber shutters were designed to match the overall woodland aesthetic, functioning as an additional privacy element and enhancing the overall thermal efficiency of the lodge’s glazing. 

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