Peace Monument

A Pine Slatted Privacy Screen Creates a Monument to Peace

Immersed in the Gentbrugse Meersen landscape on the outskirts of the Peace Forest, a sinuous, oversized pine slatted privacy screen wraps around a steel structure to depict a waving white flag, forming the Peace Monument. 



The Peace Monument stands as a timeless symbol of reconciliation and unity within the picturesque landscape of the Gentbrugse Meersen in Belgium. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the monument's design exudes a profound sense of serenity and harmony, echoing the very essence of its purpose. 

To create the shape of a waving white flag, the monument was built by applying timber planks of FSC certified ThermoPine wood around a steel structure to embody the concept of peace and tranquillity through architecture. 

To immerse visitors even further, the landmark was made to be climbed to enjoy a sweeping vista of the lake scenery. Its location within the Gentbrugse Meersen serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of nature and peace, inviting contemplation and reflection. 

As the incorporation of thermally treated pine into the Peace Monument's design ensures its protection from structural deterioration usually associated with exposure to the outdoor elements, the resilience of this timber choice directly represents the monument’s message of enduring peace. 

Additionally, the environmentally friendly nature of thermally treated pine aligns with the ethos of sustainability and conservation embodied by the Gentbrugse Meersen, further emphasizing the monument's commitment to promoting a more peaceful and ecologically conscious world. 

The result is a shining, iconic structure that draws visitors to its quiet elegance amidst a lush greenery and tranquil waters, fostering a sense of solace and tranquillity that connects peace and nature. Contact the Avino team today to learn more about the versatility of ThermoPine.