Perham Farm

Large timber shutters to farm retreat

Perham Farm sits in the rural landscapes of Somerset and was transformed into a luxury retreat offering art, yoga and more. The project involved the renovation of an existing barn structure into a modern space with large glass doors opening onto a beautiful landscape.  

The large farm building was transformed into an arts studio with the large elevation of sliding glass being specified to bring in natural light and to connect the arts space with the wider farm community.  

Products Used



One challenge of the proposed design was to address the sunlight and heat that penetrated the glass doors. To tackle this issue, we implemented a set of large timber sliding shutters, strategically placed to provide shade and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the barn. 

The architects proposed the incorporation of large timber sliding shutters as a functional and aesthetically pleasing shading solution. The large timber shutters were used to provide shading, privacy and security to the farm building when the space was not in use. Each sliding timber shutter was made bespoke to the exacting requirements of the building. The shutters were meticulously designed to fulfil the client's objectives and seamlessly blend with the barn's existing structure. 

Timber was chosen as the primary material for the shading due to its sustainability, durability, and compatibility with the barn's rustic appearance. The design paid keen attention to the aesthetic aspect of the shutters, ensuring that the shutters harmonized with the barn's overall design. The choice of timber and the craftsmanship of the shutters added warmth and texture to the interior and exterior of the barn, becoming an integral part of its charm. 

The large timber shutters were designed to exactly match the size and shape of the sliding glass doors that run behind. These doors were designed to perfectly align with the interior timber posts.  

By combining the large timber shutters into the glass elevation, the owners were able to ensure that all lines were continued throughout the project. 

The large format timber panels run on their own sliding rail system that sits outside of the sliding glass door tracks. This allows the sliding timber panels and the glass doors to operate independently and offers  flexibility of movement with both the glass doors and the large timber shutters able to be opened at different points across the elevation. 

When open, the large timber shutters line up perfectly with each other for a neat and modern design.  

The design of each sliding timber panel was also important with the more rustic panel design being used to match the countryside location.  

This case study demonstrates how thoughtful design and utilization of large timber sliding shutters can be an effective and sustainable solution for managing sunlight and heat in barn renovations. The project not only achieved its functional objectives but also breathed new life into the historical structure, setting an example for architects seeking environmentally conscious and visually captivating design solutions. 

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