PVL Studio

Black Pine Cladding Envelops a Sleek Architectural Studio

Set between an urban and natural landscape, PVL Architecten’s modern studio boasts a striking exterior adorned in black pine cladding, blending the clean lines of contemporary design with the warmth of timber. 


PVL Architecten

At first glance, the juxtaposition of materials immediately elevates the studio's exterior design with an interplay of textures, speaking to the architects’ aesthetic and design philosophy. The richness of dark stained pine cladding modernises the natural warmth of the timber, while the crisp white bricks provide a clean backdrop, forming a captivating dialogue between tradition and contemporary flair. 

Featuring a sleek black oiled finish, the pine cladding contributes to the cohesive visual unity of the structure, seamlessly harmonizing with other exterior elements such as the wooden shutters and aluminium glazing profiles. 

Strengthened through an intense high temperature steaming process, Avino's thermo pine stands on par, if not equal, to most hardwoods in terms of strength, durability and shape retention. 

This intentional blend of materials results is an architectural narrative that effortlessly presents the studio as a captivating space for creativity and collaboration. 

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