Building Renovations using Timber

Introduce timber into your building renovation for added warmth, texture and depth. Timber offers a variety of unique properties that make it exceptionally applicable for renovation projects. As well as the visual appearance of the materials and the vast array of finishes possible from timber, timber also has properties that improve the sustainable, performance and functionality of a refurbishment.

The soft surface of timber is a brilliant absorber of sound, and use very useful as a interior divider or internal finish to help stop sound transfer within open plan environments.

The classic and timeless design of timber finishes make them excellent options for period properties looking for a modern uplift. The timber systems can be chosen to match or contrast with the existing materials depending on the direction of the design intent.

Whether it is an interior timber ceiling, timber room dividers or timber exterior shading, the material of timber has been shown time and again to be an effective material in renovations. Take a look at some of our inspiration projects below and get in touch with the team if you are looking at your own renovation with timber.


curved louvre partition wall around a dining area timber interior ceiling battens