The Boathouse

Burnt Timber Shutters

The boathouse is an incredibly unique project situated on the edge of a vast countryside lake. Built as part of the extensive, classic British home on the lakeside, the boathouse is a timber cladded social space perfect for entertaining guests and holding events away from the house.

Products Used


Robert Houmoller


St Albans

The Boathouse has been designed for flexible movement and allows the owners to rearrange furniture when hosting social events. Designed with darker tones in mind the burnt timber shutters paired with exterior cladding has provide a touch of edge and contrast against the clear lake waters and green landscape.

The boathouse features glazing on both the first and second floor for clear viewing of the lake and forest surrounding it. The second floor features a set of hinges timber shutters which can be opened all at once or one/two at a time. This provides privacy and shade while protecting the building from harsh reflections off of the water.

The timber shutters have been finished in the same way as the rest of the building cladding. The burn effect is a design choice which is cost effective and can change the personality of a building with ease. Charred douglas fir is a common burnt wood finish and can provide unique charring patterns.

The larger burnt timber shutters provide shade and coverage for the ultra slim sliding doors. These shutters provide full floor to ceiling coverage and an be opened fully via a sliding, bi-folding system which allows them to not impede any views or access when using the sliding doors.

The slider on which the shutters function has been installed just under 1 meter away from the sliding doors. This is a decision made to ensure that the sliding doors can be opened even if the shutters are closed.


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