The Curved Garden

A Curved Bamboo Garden Fence envelops a New Build and its Pool

A gracefully curved bamboo garden fence envelops the perimeter of a serene swimming pool, creating a harmonious blend of nature and leisure. The fence, both functional and artistic, not only provides a sense of privacy but also serves as a natural canvas, embracing the pool area and the surrounding verdant landscape. 


Stijn Peeters Landscaping 

Inge Hofmans Photography

The gentle curve of the fence guides the eye along a picturesque journey, revealing glimpses of a meticulously landscaped garden by Stijn Peeters, who chose a bamboo fence with an elegant curvature to not only define space but also foster a connection between the tranquil pool water and the serenity of the overall garden flow. 

The bamboo garden fence, beyond its aesthetic charm, serves as an incredibly practical sound barrier. The rhythmic lapping of water against the pool's edges is accompanied by a soothing quietude, offering a sanctuary where the outside world fades away. 

In addition to ensuring the utmost privacy, the sound insulation provided by the bamboo fence transforms the poolside into a cocoon of calm, allowing those within to unwind and revel in their garden’s tranquillity. 

To achieve such a reliable and versatile design, bamboo undergoes a rigorous sawing and peeling process, reducing it into strips. These strips are then subjected to compression and heat treatments. Following a patented thermal treatment conducted at temperatures as high as 200°C. The resulting product is an exceptionally hard bamboo timber, or thermo bamboo, of remarkable stability and imperviousness to moisture and mould. 

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