Contemporary Timber Batterns for Shade and Privacy

Treeside is an ultra-luxury home that has a continual timber and light “sandy” theme throughout. Treeside features many timber and wooden accents such as the timber stairs, dining table and walk in wardrobe. However, the completely bespoke contemporary timber battens serve a great deal of functionality as well as aesthetics. 

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Lewandowski Willcox Architects  



Due to Treeside featuring such an extensive amount of glazing, it was of great importance to combat the large amount of sunlight that would penetrate the glazing during peak sunshine hours. To combat this issue, instead of opting for a bespoke blind system or simple curtains, The architects designed large contemporary timber battens to sprawl across many of the sun facing elevations.   

The area of the home that captures the greatest amount of light is the bedroom portion of Treeside. This led to the exterior design featuring a vast timber batten system which is static and partially covers many of the smaller feature windows seen in the bedroom area. 

A second contemporary timber batten system was installed to provide shade and privacy for the secondary bedroom of the property. This timber addition provides coverage for the two-track slim sliding door system and internal glass balustrade. It is important to note that not only does privacy and shading increase, so does security.  

The previous contemporary timber batten have all been flush to the main structure of the home as expected when designing and installing batten systems. However, to add a small flair of architectural individuality, A “floating” timber batten system was designed to extend past the main house structure and provide a great deal of privacy and shade while still being unique to Treeside. 

This timber addition extends around 1.5m outward from the house structure and consists of 6 timber battens which span vertically and horizontally for full 360-degree coverage.  

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