Villa Holterberg

Accoya Cladding Envelops a Contemporary Villa

An all around accoya cladding exterior gracefully embeds this contemporary villa within the forest encompassing the property. Alongside the bespoke timber clad façades, expansive floor to ceiling windows establish breathtaking woodland vistas.


ZILT Architecten 

Jeroen Musch Photography

ZILT Architecten meticulously crafted the villas interiors focusing on an indoor-outdoor living approach in order to create spaces that organically revolve around the dwellers’ every day activities and needs. This resulted in functional, comfortable spaces that foster a close connection to the outdoors, as the villa’s layout follows the sinuous form of the forest floor. 

All along the villa’s curves, the accoya façades create seamlessly covered terraces, enabling residents to enjoy the outdoors throughout the day—shielded from the wind and able to bask in the sun or find shade as they please. 

The overhangs provide protection from the sun in the summer months while, in the winter, the floor to ceiling windows bathe the interiors in a soothing glow as the sun shines low.

Accoya timber was fashioned into narrow vertical strips to adorn the façades and envelop the entire structure. By placing the slats slightly apart from one another, not only does the wooden exterior create a striking visual, but it also provides additional sound insulation from the outside in. Additionally, thanks to accoya’s renowned durability and shape retention, the façades remain unaffected by the elements all year round. 

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