Villa Lynn

Black Pine Cladding Installed on Luxury Villa

Built upon the amazing beachside town in Koksijde Belgium, Villa Lynn is a bespoke home that features 4-stories of living space that focus on providing amazing views of Koksijde beach.

Koksijde is a steadily growing tourist destination and is showing signs of becoming an ideal location for holiday homes to be built upon.



Villa Lynn features a heavy contrast of black and white building materials including black pine cladding from Avino. The cladding helps separate each floor of the home and contrasts against the large white concrete structure that frames the various areas of the home.

The black pine cladding was chosen due to its sustainability and capability to age is unique ways as it is exposed to harsh sunlight and the higher levels of saltwater in the air around Koksijde.

Using black pine (which is oiled black with layers of monocoat charcoal) meant that the various windows and doors throughout the home would match the cladding due to their frames being black as well.

Pine is one of the strongest wood species in the world, with dozens of varieties and distinctive rustic knots that make it perfect for everything from furniture to complete constructions. With the right care, pine may outlast any other wood in withstanding exterior weather conditions and competing with hardwoods like oak in both functional and aesthetic applications. Pine is stiff, shock-resistant, and extremely robust. Pine is used in most architectural elements, including windows, doors, and other space framings, because of these characteristics.

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