Sliding Timber Shutters

Sliding Shutters for Exterior Shading and Privacy

Exterior shading with sliding timber shutters offers designs an integrated approach to shading and privacy. When mounted externally, the sliding timber panel sits outside of the glass façade offering protection from sunlight, overheating and offering privacy on demand.  

Due to the large nature of the sliding timber shutters, these types of shading solutions are highly suitable for use with large glass elevations, glass facades, structural glazing and large format glass doors.

The sliding shutters can be mounted on the floor for ground floor applications but can also be used on upper floors with a bespoke sliding track fitted into the building structure for a seamless result.  

The exterior shading can be manually operated or automated depending on the specifics of the application. Larger or hard to reach timber shutters are recommended for motorisation however, this is not a requirement on most projects.  

As the sliding shutters are fixed onto tracks, care and consideration must be taken to ensure the best configuration of sliding timber for the project. We can assist with ensuring that the functionality and aesthetics of a shading project are considered from the earliest stage of a design project.  

These types of sliding timber shutters are also sometimes known as ‘by-pass’ shutters. This is due to the sliding nature of the timber panels which move past one another to open and close. 

A range of timbers and finishes are possible for exterior sliding shutters. All can be chosen and selected in line with the aesthetic aspirations of the project and the other chosen materials. From natural oak to painted timber, all designs are possible with Avino. 

Fixed panels can be combined with the sliding timber shutters to create a full exterior timber façade. The sliding panels and fixed timber cladding can then work as one to create the exterior façade to the building, merging the two elements together with timber providing the exterior cladding design.  

Similarly, bifolding or hinged shading panels are also possible to match. A full exterior cladding and shading system can be brought together as one for a seameless exterior design.  


A Range of Timber Options

These exterior timber shutters are available in a wide range of timbers. We work closely with the specification team to ensure the correct timber specification for the performance, size and appearance required for the external shading.  

Typically, these sliding shutters are chosen in Accoya, Iroo, Douglas Fir, Western red Cedar, European Oak & Charred Douglass Fir. Clear UV protect coatings can be applied to the timber to protect the timber from fading due to UV radiation.  

Manual or Motorised Sliding Shutters

The external sliding panels can be specified as automated or manually operated.  

Manually operated sliding timber panels are more common on ground floor applications where access to the sliding panels is easier. However, manual operation is possible in most installations depending on project particulars.  

It is most common for these exterior shading panels to be automated. This provides the highest level of control over privacy and shading. The standard motor can provide automated sliding to panels weighing up to 100kg. Bespoke applications can be created for larger installations or heavier configurations.  

If automated, the controls can be integrated into a smart home automation or BMS system for greater levels of control over comfort.

Internal and External Applications 

These timber sliding panels can be used both internally and externally. Although typically used for exterior shading, the sliding timber panels can be used internally for a warm and high specification room divider. The timber materials can be chosen in line with the interior design of the building.  

Externally, the sliding panels are used for privacy and shading for glass elevations.  

The timbers used are suitable for both internal and external use. The same timber can be used internally throughout all interior building finishes including ceiling and wall cladding for a cohesive design.  

Suitable for Approved Document O

Building Regulations Approved Document O dictates the shading and solar protection requirements for new build dwellings in England. Fixed shading devices, such as sliding shutters, are listed as one of the acceptable strategies for reducing overheating risk’.  

Exterior fixed shading systems are an important part of modern building to ensure that interior spaces are comfortable and reliance on cooling equipment is reduced. It is important that these overheating protections are considered at an early stage of a project so that they can be incorporated fully into the architectural design.  

Maximum Sizes

The timber sliding panels come in a selection of ‘typical’ sizes however, bespoke and more complex arrangements are very possible and are often used.  

Typically, the sliding panels are manufactured at 800mm, 1000mm, or 1200mm wide as standard. However much larger and smaller panels are created on a project by project basis. Everything is manufactured to the project specifications, so adaptions and alterations are always used. 

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