Shading and Solar Control with Timber

Shading for Apex Windows

Shading for Apex Windows: Louvred Facades and Batten Effects

Gable ends and their windows stand out as some of the most distinctive architectural features in contemporary designs. 

With their characteristic triangular shape, gable end windows, or apex windows, provide a modern element of interest to a build’s roofline, often becoming the focal point of a structure’s external surfaces. 

Featuring oversized glazing units such as slim sliding doors or fixed glass walls, apex windows become one with the façade itself, maximising views and comfort when paired with the appropriate shading elements. 

While providing shading to such elevations may seem challenging due to their unique shape, the versatility of custom fit louvres and battens ensures solar gain reduction for the entire structure as well as enhancing the overall façade design with no restrictions on window configurations.

Bespoke apex window shadings can be taken even further with motorised louvre options, providing customisable levels of privacy for maximum comfort throughout the day. 

Horizontal Louvre Shading for Apex Windows

Available in virtually any shape and size, horizontal louvres are tailored to each window opening to provide shade and privacy from the outside in, as they sit externally on the gable façade.  

The louvres are positioned over the apex windows to offer complete control over indoor environment aspects such as light ingress, privacy, energy efficiency, and ambient temperature. 

The orientation of horizontal louvres adds a modern flow to the overall design, both in their western red cedar and aluminium finishes. Regardless of material, each option is uniquely suited to the specific project requirements. 

Furthermore, as they constitute a fixed external shading installation, horizontal timber louvres are fully Building Regulations Approved Document O compliant.

Vertical Louvre Shading for Apex Windows

Also Approved Document O compliant, vertical louvres inform the overall build design while providing solar gain protection and privacy. 

Vertical louvres sit externally over apex windows, strategically positioned to achieve optimal shading to the interior living spaces while still allowing light to permeate throughout. 

The vertical lines of these louvres effortlessly extend the upward flow of gable elevations, providing architects with creative, sophisticated solutions for any bespoke façade design, as well as ensuring adjustable levels of solar protection and privacy to best suit dwellers needs through the seasons.

Timber Effect Battening for Apex Windows

Combining the natural beauty of timber with the durability of modern building materials, timber effect screens and battens provide shading and privacy to apex windows with a wood-like appearance that closely emulates the texture, grains and colours of real timber.  

As they require less upkeep than real wood, timber screening battens are engineered to better withstand the elements and avoid conditions such as warping, cracking and rotting,  

Timber effect battens can be designed to fit any design requirements, thus ensuring long lasting shading and privacy to gable end and apex windows in any configuration. 

While they may not be made of real wood, our timber screening battens are all made from sustainable materials, minimising their ecological footprints and maximising their performance. 

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