Shading and Solar Control with Timber

Shading for Large Windows

How to Design Shading for Large Windows

The use of timber adds a touch of organic beauty to the architectural landscape, creating a harmonious connection between the built environment and nature. This is true of both indoor and outdoor applications. 

When it comes to shading, timber offers a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, particularly when adorning large windows.  
Crafted from real wood, timber shading systems not only exude a warm and timeless charm but also provide an effective means of controlling sunlight and heat gain to optimize interior comfort.


Fixed Shading for Large Windows

Available in a number of materials and bespoke configurations, horizontal or vertical timber louvres can serve as climate regulators for any space with oversized windows. 

As the sun's rays filter through the slats, a gentle and diffused light permeates the interior, casting a subtle play of shadows that enhances the overall ambiance. 

Adjustable in situ slats allow for precise control over light and ventilation, enabling occupants to tailor their environment according to their needs. This feature becomes especially crucial for large windows, where the influx of sunlight can be intense.  

Timber's natural insulating properties also contribute to energy efficiency, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within the living or working space. 

In embracing both form and function, timber louvre shading proves a versatile and sustainable solution for those seeking an elegant and practical approach to solar protection on a grand scale. 


Sliding Shading for Large Windows

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, sliding timber shutters excel at addressing the practical challenges posed by large windows, while providing additional adaptability to the dweller’s needs.  

The ability to slide the shutters open or closed grants users the flexibility to adapt to changing lighting conditions and privacy needs. By effortlessly gliding along tracks, these shutters ensure a smooth and efficient operation even for expansive window dimensions. 

The sliding mechanism allows for easy adjustment, enabling occupants to control the amount of sunlight streaming into the space and providing a fully customizable shading experience. Timber's natural warmth and texture create a cozy atmosphere, transforming the functional aspect of window shading into an integral design element that enhances the overall character of the structure’s exteriors. 

Additionally, the use of timber as a shading material adds an eco-friendly dimension, aligning with sustainable design principles. 


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