Shading and Solar Control with Timber

Shading For Unique Shaped Windows

How to Specify Shading for Unique Shaped Windows

In architecture and design windows are often a standard square or rectangle shape that you would expect. However, in recent times a steady growth of more unique shaped windows is appearing within the architectural world. This is mainly due to homeowners becoming more experimental with modern technology and a growth in desire to have a completely unique home.



Shading Options for Unique Shaped Windows

Uniquely shaped windows can be a bold design choice that may come with hurdles to overcome such as how to shade them correctly.

It is important to explore all options such as bespoke and custom shading options which look especially great with timber features.

At Avino a popular shading option for architects are our external shading systems which include Timber louvres and Timber Shutters.


Timber Louvres

External timber louvres are a great stylistic way of shading a uniquely shaped window. Timber louvres are essentially horizontal or vertical timber planks that are tilted downwards (if horizontal) or sideways (if vertical). The theory behind timber louvres is that when the sunlight is focused on the window at a certain height, all light will be blocked from entering. Timber louvres are a great solution as during early hours and later hours they will allow for small amounts of light to penetrate the windows.

For uniquely shaped windows timber louvres can be specified to cover the window as well as the exterior structure of the building (seen below) or they can be cut and manufactured in the exact shape of the window.



Exterior Timber Shutters

Exterior timber shutters present the option to have a considerable amount of choice when regarding how much shade you would like during the day. Exterior shutters can be operated manually or they can be automated. A range of timbers and finishes are possible for exterior sliding shutters. All can be chosen and selected in line with the aesthetic aspirations of the project and the other chosen materials. From natural oak to painted timber, all designs are possible with Avino. 



Other Options for Shading

Other options can be considered for shading for unique shaped windows. These options include interior blinds to cover the whole window and the structure surrounding it, or bespoke blinds can be installed. This may be a costly process.

To speak to the team about our shading for unique windows, contact us here. If you would like a quote for any Avino product again do not hesitate to contact the head office.