Timber and Sustainability

What is Thermo Wood?

Thermally treated timber is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods 

Using heat, not chemicals for a stabile alternative to tropical hardwood

Thermo Wood or thermally treated timber is a method that enhances the properties of timber through controlled heating. The process involves exposing wood to high temperatures (approximately 215 degrees Celsius). 

During this heat treatment, several chemical and physical changes occur within the wood. The hemicelluloses, which are sugars within the cell walls, decompose, reducing the wood's ability to absorb moisture. This significantly decreases the wood's hygroscopicity, or its tendency to absorb water, which in turn improves its dimensional stability and resistance to decay.

The benefits of Thermo Wood 

The thermal treatment process increases the wood's resistance to biological degradation. This makes it comparable to tropical hardwoods, which are known for their natural durability. Thermally treated wood is less susceptible to rot, fungi, and insects, ensuring a longer lifespan for outdoor applications. 

By reducing the wood's moisture content and altering its cell structure, thermal treatment minimises the wood's tendency to warp, twist, or swell. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where stability is crucial, such as decking, cladding, and outdoor furniture. 

Thermally treated wood is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods, which are often harvested unsustainably from rainforests. The process uses locally sourced, fast-growing species like pine, spruce, and ash, reducing the pressure on tropical forests and promoting responsible forestry practices. 

Unlike pressure-treated wood, which relies on chemicals to enhance durability, thermally treated wood achieves its properties through natural means. This makes it a safer option for both the environment and human health, as it does not leach harmful substances over time. 

Thermal treatment enhances the natural beauty of wood, giving it a rich, dark colour like that of exotic hardwoods. This aesthetic quality, combined with its enhanced performance, makes it a popular choice for high-end architectural applications. 

Thermally treated wood can be used in a variety of applications, including: 

Exterior Cladding: Its resistance to weathering and decay makes it ideal for building facades. 

Decking: Enhanced durability and stability ensure that it can withstand outdoor conditions. 

Interior Applications: Its aesthetic appeal and dimensional stability make it suitable for flooring, panelling, and furniture. 

Garden Structures: Pergolas, fences, and garden furniture benefit from its long-lasting properties. 

Thermally treated wood represents a significant advancement in sustainable building materials. By utilising a chemical-free process to enhance the durability and stability of locally sourced timber, it provides a viable alternative to tropical hardwoods. As sustainable building and design is the new imperative, our thermally treated Thermo Wood timber is poised to become a cornerstone of eco-friendly construction and design. 


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