Timber and Glass Extensions

Glass and timber go hand in hand when creating a modern extension design. Timber is often chosen as a material to soften a glass extension design which can seem cold and sterile if not fully thought out in design.

Timber can be utilised in a glass extension in many ways.

A timber supporting structure can be chosen for the glass extension, exposing the natural material of timber within the glass extension design. This creates a feeling of warmth within a glass extension design as well as providing the interior support.

Timber could also be used as a finishing product within a glass extension design.

Timber can be used internally to create the interior finishes as part of a biophilic design scheme. The use of glass in an extension increases the connections to the outside whilst the use of a natural material like timber inside brings just a small element of that nature inside.

Timber is a key material in most popular interior design trends such as Scandi, Hygge, Biophilic design and indoor-outdoor spaces. Take a look at some of our inspiration projects showcasing the use of timber in a glass extension and get in touch with the team to discuss your own project.


an oak and glass wall to a modern house extension in highgate
Vertical timber louvres for internal spaces