Avino Louvre Partition Walls

Internal Timber Room Dividers

Interior timber partitioning is a successful and organic way to separate areas of a building without enclosing spaces. The nature of a louvre partition wall maintains an element of openness to an interior space, allowing light and vision to move through a space whilst segmenting and separating areas into designated zones.  

The use of timber for these interior partitions brings an element of texture and tactility to the interior partitions, and the range of timber possible ensures that the timber partitions are suitable for any build or interior design concept.  

The interior timber louvres can be mounted within a visible frame or fixed invisibly, leaving only the louvres on show. Both options provide a beautiful way to separate interior spaces. The fixing and support method of the louvres can be designed individually for your space by the team at Avino keeping in mind the requirements of your building or home.  

The maximum sizes possible will largely depend on the timber species chosen and the sizes that material is possible in. Some timbers are possible in larger sizes than others thanks to the natural aspect of their creation.  

Almost any timber finish and species is possible for these internal louvre partition walls. Due to the segmented nature of the partition, they are especially useful for creating more organic partition shapes such as curves.  

Why not continue the louvre partition wall design over the ceiling for a feature ceiling element which screams high end interior design.  

For a more ambitious design, storage, plant boxes or spaces for TV screens can be integrated into the partition wall, ensuring that the timber partition wall becomes part of the living space rather than just placed there.  

For more information or to succuss your project requirements just speak to the team at Avino or arrange a visit to our bespoke joinery showroom at Sky House Design Centre.  


Fixed or Moving Timber Louvres

The louvre partition walls can be designed as fixed or moving as required.  

Moving louvres provide the flexibility of choice to the internal partition, closing or opening interior spaces as required.  

Fixed louvre partition walls are a brilliant way to separate spaces without enclosing them, allowing light and air to circulate spaces whilst segmenting areas by function.  

Timber Species for Internal Partitions

These internal bespoke joinery pieces can be made from almost any material and finish required. We can work with the interior designer to ensure that the timber chosen suits the design of the internal space as well as the specifics of the structure required.  

We recommend a visit to our atelier showroom where we have a range of interior woods and samples on show to help you choose the best option for your lourve partition wall.  


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