Vertical Timber Louvres

Vertical Timber Louvres

Vertical timber louvres are a beautiful and effective method for providing additional aesthetics and functionality for all building projects. These vertical timber shading options offer expectational levels of shading and privacy whilst maintaining that architectural detailing and design required of these high specification builds.  

The external timber louvres are designed with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, elevating the visual appeal of any structure. Our louvres are meticulously crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced timber, providing a natural warmth and timeless beauty to your architectural creations. Each individual louvre is precisely cut and finished to ensure a seamless fit, creating an impressive façade that exudes elegance and sophistication. 

Whether the requirement is additional privacy or to conform to Approved Document O, the Avino range of timber exterior louvres and shading is designed uniquely to each project.  

Where the primary purpose of vertical timber louvres is for shading, these external timber louvres can be used to effectively manage sunlight penetration, reducing glare and controlling heat gain in your building. By strategically positioning the vertical timber louvres, you can achieve optimal shading for interior spaces while allowing ample natural light to filter through. The adjustable louvres provide flexibility, enabling architects to adapt the system according to specific lighting and privacy requirements. 

With rising concerns about energy consumption, fixed shading structures like the vertical timber louvres offers a sustainable approach to reducing a building’s reliance on mechanical cooling systems. The timber louvres act as a natural barrier, preventing excessive heat from entering the building during hot summers, while still allowing natural ventilation to flow through the structure. This thoughtful integration of shading and airflow management results in improved thermal comfort and reduced energy costs for your clients. 

Working closely with architects, designers and specifiers, we custom make each timber louvre design to the project requirements, ensuring that the timber shading structure fits seamlessly into the building design.  

Choose from various timber species, finishes, and louvre sizes to create a shading system that perfectly complements the building's architectural design while aligning with its functional requirements. Our team of experts is always ready to collaborate with you, providing personalized guidance throughout the selection and installation process. 


Manual or Automated Control

Both manual and automated control are possible with the vertical moving louvres. When automated, the control of the turning movement can be integrated into the building’s smart home control systems or BMS.  

With manual operation, a turn of one louvre can move the rest of the elevation thanks to the integrated simultaneous mechanisms. This allows the system to be easy to manage and operate.

Minimum and Maximum Sizes

We recommend that moving vertical timber louvres not be shorter than 500mm.  

The maximum recommended size for the turning timber louvres differs depending on the timber species and application. It will also depend on the availability of timber at the time of order.  

Much greater flexibility on size is possible with fixed timber shading and louvres. These can be provided to the same design as the moveable louvres for a cohesive design.

Fixed Louvres

Fixed timber louvres can be used as part of a shading system for a building to great effect. Fixed timber structures can be designed to complement the architectural style of the building, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. They can add visual interest to the facade while serving as an effective means of heat protection. 

Fixed timber louvres are available in a huge variety of timber species and the team are available to help provide assistance on the best timber choice. This will depend on the appearance you are looking to achieve as well as the functionality required.  

Timber Options

A huge variety of timbers are possible to be used as external timber louvres. The best material choice will depend on many factors of your build. Durability, appearance, use and weather resistance are all important factors to consider.  

Contact the team at Avino to discuss the best options for the timber on your project.  

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