Glazing Applications

Western Red Cedar

One of the most popular timber specifications, western red cedar is renowned for its incredible workability, reddish brown colour, and naturally straight grains, making it the one of the preferred choices across design and architecture.


What is Western Red Cedar?

Western red cedar is a pitch, resin free softwood with a natural mixture of reds, pinks and browns, highly regarded for its adaptability when utilised across a wide range of both traditional and contemporary architectural designs, including but not limited to internal and external cladding, shading louvres, decking, saunas, and other smaller elements such as furniture.


Western Red Cedar: The Royalty of Insulation

All wood is characterised by cellular grids of interlinked pores that convert sound into heat. It is thanks to the friction created between the open cellular pore networks that wood is a natural sound damping element more than any other structural material.

Western red cedar, above all other timber types, is most effective in sound insulation, and is often used to reduce or dissipate noise within certain spaces. For this very reason, western red cedar is often seen cladding music rooms and even grand auditoriums.

Combined with its innate temperature resistance, western red cedar is also a great energy saving material as it provides natural protection from temperature extremes, reducing the amounts of heating and cooling needed throughout the year.


Advantages of Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar holds many innate properties which are extremely valuable for architectural projects, some of these characteristics include:

  • Class 2 strength and durability
  • Versatility
  • Low shrinkage factor
  • Natural resistance to warping
  • Natural resistance to rot and decay
  • Natural protection against pests
  • Natural fire resistance up to Building Code Level 3
  • Sustainability and energy saving
  • Insulation improvement
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Beautiful colours and tones
  • Characteristic natural weathering

What finishes are available for Western Red Cedar?

From opaque coatings to trasparent and natural stains, western red cedar finishes are available in a wide variety. These coatings, combined with proper maintenance, can make western red cedar last decades without issues, be they clear varnishes to embrace its characteristic weathering silver hues, or tinted stains.

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